Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews Philanthropy in The Equestrian World

Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews

Freddie Vasquez Jr. runs a successful boutique concierge barn for affluent clients, who has made history in the World Equestrian Championships by representing his home country of Puerto Rico at the event. In the following article, Freddie Vasquez reviews how many affluent riders are supporting equine-related causes through philanthropic endeavors.

Fighting for change in the equine world typically falls into the hands of huge organizations dedicated to horse welfare. But behind these charities are individuals oh-so-familiar with the majestic, four-legged animals.

While many people do their bit for equines, these respected individuals are making a major splash in the space, giving the equestrian circle something to be wholly fortunate for.

Freddie Vasquez Jr. Reports on Much-Needed Change

From Margaret H. Duprey working with Brooke USA who partnered with World Horse Welfare, The Donkey Sanctuary, and SPANA on March 17, 2017, to Missy Clark supporting the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy (PURA), equestrians and their maned counterparts should thank them for the tsunami of positive changes they’ve created.

Cheryl Olsten with EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassador Lafitte De Muze

As the owner of the highly regarded show hunter, Lafitte De Muze, Cheryl Olsten works with the EQUUS Foundation to realize dreams for in-need horses.

During a matched donation campaign, the team turned $30,000 worth of donations into $60,000. This initative finished at the end of 2021’s Hampton Classic Horse Show. But Olsten helps the charity far more regularly than that.

Freddie Vasquez Jr. explains that since Lafitte is an equine ambassador for the EQUUS Foundation, a percentage of the prize money is given to them, aiding their efforts to re-home and rescue horses looking for their happy forever homes.

Speaking about the horse, Olsten mentioned how much joy he has brought into her life and the rider’s life. She went on to tell Equestrian Living that he has encouraged them to be their better selves and keep pushing to raise funds for less fortunate horses.

Missy Clark with Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy

Missy Clark from North Run, a high-class show jumping and equitation barn, joined Erin Brown of PURA to put together Concrete to Show Jumping. Fresh Start for Philly Youth was the dynamic duo’s first campaign that raised funds for a brand-new facility providing stabling and paddocks for 20 to 25 horses in the center of Philadelphia.

Freddie Vasquez Jr. reports that founded by the directors and producers of Concrete Cowboy, PURA was born to honor and retain the culture, legacy, and life, of Black city cowboys in the area. The facility offers a bespoke environment for people of all ages to interact with and generally experience horses. As one of the show jumping and equitation leaders, Clark is offering her time to the new establishment to run clinics for all attendees.

While Clark has helped many riders win grand-prix competitions, her involvement in the lifestyle and the sport boasts plenty of philanthropic endeavors — even beyond PURA.

Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews that together with her husband, she is a board member for the Kevin Babington Foundation, and she even founded The Dandelion Fund, a charity connected to Danny and Ron’s Rescue.

Freddie Vasquez Jr.

Margaret H. Duprey with Brooke USA and Women4Donkeys

In vulnerable communities around the world, 66% of caregivers for working mules, donkeys, and horses are women. But of the almost 400 million women providing such care, a heart wrenching percentage can’t access equine health and welfare training, ways to generate income, or education.

Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews that while the problem remains ongoing, one lady turned this around for over 27,000 Kenyan women and donkeys. Margaret H. Duprey and her partnership with Brooke USA managed to create Women4Donkeys, an initiative offered to empower these ladies through training and education, simultaneously giving them money-making opportunities and credit funding.

The four-year program required $400,000 to provide aid to the aforementioned communities, and Duprey was front running the funding. Not only was she the seed funder, but she also acted as the spokesperson and passionate advocate.

DeEtte Hillman with Days End Farm Horse Rescue

DeEtte Hillman has been horse mad for life, and while her journey into the professional equine world was somewhat convoluted, she is now the equine programs director at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) located in Woodbine, Maryland.

Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews that at the heart of DEFHR’s mission is community outreach and education. However, Hillman oversees the horses’ rehab journeys, training in preparation for adoption, and liaises between the charity and law enforcement calls necessitating equine intervention.

These philanthropic individuals are using their success to give back to the equines they love so much around the world, encouraging others to do the same.

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