Nicholas Bereznai of Durham Discusses The Best Summer Marketing Trends

Nicholas Bereznai

As a digital marketing expert, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham is a major proponent of seasonal marketing. With Memorial Day Weekend in the rearview mirror, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham would like to use today’s article to provide some summer marketing ideas that anyone can use to promote their business.

It’s always a good idea for a business to establish a presence in their local community. The summer is the perfect time to get involved as there is typically a spike in local activities. Whether it is sponsoring a local charitable run or volunteering at a nearby event, businesses can build up a lot of good will within their community during the summer months. In a world where a pristine online reputation is paramount to the success of a business, marketers can do themselves a great service by establishing themselves as a pillar of their community.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham believes that summer marketing tactics can be utilized no matter what product or service a business is selling. For instance, if a business sells snow plows, they shouldn’t be afraid to offer special promotions that hint that winter is coming and the need for proper preparation. By offering special discounts for buying these products in the offseason, a business can maintain a steady income before revving up their marketing efforts during their typical busy season.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham notes that it is always a good idea to change up your marketing language with the seasons. For instance, consider marketing via an email campaign. The success or failure of that campaign is most likely going to come down to the subject line. To make a subject line more appealing, try mixing in summer language. Subjects line like make a splash or deals as hot as the summer sun can resonate with an audience and show that an organization is keeping their marketing materials current.

In fact, updating the content of all your marketing materials to reflect the current season is a great way to establish connection with the audience. In addition to utilizing summer slogans like fun in the sun or sea you there, marketers should be on the lookout for summer trends. Whether it’s piggybacking off of the biggest summer blockbuster movie or mentioning a playoff push for the local baseball team, it’s always great to form connections with potential customers on a human level.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham highly recommends leaning into the popularity of wedding season during the summer months. Any business that sells clothes, gifts, rental cars, or anything else remotely related to weddings should be looking to cater to a massive audience of wedding guests. , Nicholas Bereznai of Durham recommends running specials on wedding gifts or incorporating wedding language into marketing materials as the search volume for weddings goes way up during the summer months.

All social profiles and imagery for targeted ads should reflect the season. For instance, it’s wise for a brand to push patriotic themes in anticipation of the Fourth of July holiday. Updating photos seasonally also gives people a reason to review pages again and again. Consistent updates on social media will make sure a brand appears in more feeds, and subsequently, performs better on social media.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham is a strong proponent of running summer sales. Businesses don’t have to offer huge discounts to run a summer sales promotion. Simply offering a small percentage or dollar amount off of a product or service for one week during the summer can lead to major marketing opportunities. Brands can focus several ads on spreading awareness of the sale and then go heavy on advertising the summer sale during the week. Using the season as a reason to buy is a great way to create a sense of urgency within a customer base.

Finally, towards the end of summer, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham, encourages brands to take advantage of back to school saving deals. Even brands that do not sell products related to school kids can appeal to parents by mentioning that their deals are there to help them keep a little more money to put towards back to school clothes and supplies.

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